365 gay – queers welcome too

Posted in Architecture by graylielane on February 3, 2010

The web link 365gay.com is a prevalent source of information about the LGBT community. The site gathers news regarding the queer community and presents it in an accessible manner. The site lists general news including information on the Prop 8 trial and the anti-gay bill in Uganda.  Opinion pieces and a “topics” section give information regarding same-sex marriage or gays in the military.  Some of the current events covered on the site are presented in mainstream media (Prop 8, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, etc.) but to a lesser extent. Other current events are barely mentioned in mainstream press (Cindy McCain’s recent support for same-sex marriage, discussion on “Focus on the Family”). The wealth of information covered on 365gay.com is unfathomable, its daily updates are sure to keep queer users and their supporters informed.

More importantly the site has relevance to a group outside of its core audience, the LGBT community.  Mainstream media often likes to act as though people with “alternative sexualities” do not exist.  Even that term hints at a type of “othering” that is and has remained constant in what is reported to citizens.  Sites like 365gay.com let heterosexuals as well as homosexuals know that homosexuality, in several ways is no different from heterosexuality.  The site contains a “living” section which follows the most up to date news.  One of the links included information about the earthquake in Haiti, an issue that is neither hetero- nor homosexual, but global.  This site “de-alienates” homosexuals in a way that not many other sites do.  This is very important for a sense of hetero/homo unity.  It is the first step to a sexuality melting pot.  In addition, the site explores topics of race and interracial dating, covering all areas of diversity and making it extremely relevant in an ever changing society.

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