Chicken Bone

Posted in Architecture by saimaanika on February 3, 2010

The website we chose is entitled “ChickenBones: A Journal.”

This site defines itself as a journal for “literary and artistic African American themes.” Its goal is to broadcast works of art– poems, stories, essays– from those people usually excluded from the American literary canon, especially African, Asian, Latin, and Hispanic writers. The site administrators say that their “only limitation is that the writings represent honesty and beauty,” and that the site is “open to those who do not have the means or contacts to get a fair hearing. True art belongs to the world.”

Though the tagline of the site focuses on African American art and writing, the mission statement of the blog reflects a desire to make the non-normative heard and acknowledged, and also shows an emphasis on truth, honesty, and beauty over so-called “traditional” forms from so-called “traditional” artists.

Also, the blog uses African American and racial identity as a starting point for which to discuss topics such as sexuality, current events, Negro psychosexuality, and a category called “revolutionary love.” This format necessitates an intersectional approach that combines and configures racial identity with other theories and perspectives. The parts of the site most relevant to the course would probably be the “Love, Sex, and Erotica Table” and possibly the “Black Arts and Black Power Figures Table” with an emphasis on a counter-aesthetic in art and culture.


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