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Posted in Architecture by anneabigail on February 3, 2010

I found this document:


I believe this is an important website for our class’ blog because it provides an in depth look at the contrasts and comparisons between race and sexual orientation.  Also, that author talks about how American culture effects the way political figures and U.S. Military groups respond to minorities, and what is expected from the general public as an appropriate response.

It also provides an eloquent description of what racial minorities and LGBT individuals have in common when it comes to their disposition and oppression in society.  Another important point the document touches upon is that race is almost always evident when one looks at someone else, whereas sexual orientation is not as physically obvious.  This may contribute to homophobia in America, since homophobic individuals can feel deceived if they are unaware someone they know is homosexual.

The document also makes an interesting comparison between the link between both race and sexual orientation and socioeconomic status, noting that race tends to be compared with socioeconomic status and income more than generalizations made between socioeconomic status and sexual orientation.  This is an important point to consider when analyzing how people judge racial minorities versus LGBT individuals.

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