Sociological Images

Posted in Architecture by wtravisumd on February 3, 2010

The selection of the Sociological Images website was easy. It is relatively underground yet contains information relative to the topics of queer and race. Body image and perception dominate the website’s content. News blurbs and other items dot the landscape as well. Sociological Images looks to point out any item it considers ridiculous. Articles featured include topics such as a magazine review, exposing photo editing in a fashion magazine, and outing those who use stereotypes to further their goals.

At the time of writing, Sociological Images had 6 stories related to queer or gender issues. These stories often overlapped. The main theme of these articles seemed to focus on exposing those portrayed queer people or women in stereotypical fashion or negatively. Sociological Images outs Cosmo for a recent article entitled, “Are You Turning Your Boyfriend Into A Girlie Man?” The author of the post takes issue with the use of masculine stereotypes abounding throughout the article. They also in various articles critique what constitutes as male and female archetypes. Among these archetypes include sociological data that indicates women as having internalized the desire to be scholarly more than men. The site goes further to state that these archetypes are simply constructed by culture and are therefore warrant no value.

The website also featured 3 stories on its homepage dealing with ethnic or racial issues. The discussion of race issues on Sociological Images was more varied than that of queer issues. Of note, the website commented on a Los Angeles Times article about Publeo Indians from the 1920s. In another post, there is an analysis of common ethnic qualities. It states that oftentimes people believe that certain characteristics are unique to their ethnicity, when in fact they are basic human attributes.

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