The National Sexuality Resource Center

Posted in Architecture by kriegerdeslichts459 on February 3, 2010

Our group (Katie, Eric, & Connor) would like to argue for the inclusion of the website for the National Sexuality Resource Center in our class blog.

The NSRC is an organization dedicated to promoting a holistic view of sexuality and to encouraging healthy sexual behavior both emotionally and physically. The board is made up of psychologists, college professors, non-profit chairpersons, and others who contribute many different levels of expertise to the site in various disciplines.

The site provides a comprehensive look at many different issues pertaining to sexuality. Interestingly enough for our purposes, there was an article in the blog section called “Being Gay Doesn’t Make You Anti-Racist and Anti-Sexist” that deals with sexuality and race not as personal identities, but rather as political identities. This reflects the opinions of many queer scholars, such as Riki Wilchins, that the personal IS political.

Aside from political articles like the aforementioned one, the site also features articles such as “Big Booty Beauty and the New Sexual Aesthetic,” which focuses on modern conceptions of what is considered sexually attractive. We find this to be of particular interest because the concepts of beauty are ever-changing, ever-evolving. Different cultures perceive beauty in a plethora of ways, and this site would be a valuable resource to help us understand which cultures define what as “queer.”

One of the main foci of this class is the concept of intersectionality of identities. How one feels about being one identity affects how they feel about being another, and every person has several identities operating within themselves at all times. Race and queerness tend to be the identities that elicit the most visceral reactions in people, and their intersections within individual people makes for a lot of internal conflict. The NSRC website is a fabulous resource in this respect because it presents these issues (among many others) in a user-friendly forum that is far easier to read than social science research journals.


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