Zines: A Way of Studying Queerness and Race

Posted in Architecture by ahart1314 on February 3, 2010

We picked this website because it has a variety of information and seemed like a useful website that members of LGBTQ community could use. The website is a great intersection of race and queerness because it shows how race and sexuality are connected but can be complicated connection with queer well.

We found that this website also accurately gives credit to people of color for starting the queer revolution like the Stonewall Riots. The website not only gives credit to people of color in the queer community but provides wonderful blog stories that other people of color can relate to. The stories give an intimate look into the struggles, pains, and events they supported.

This empowers people of color and all races by presenting their many efforts on building a strong LGBT community. It also uplifts people of color to continue to add new ideas and continue to change society views with the queer movement. The website also contributes to the movement posting anything that the queer community can get involved in and how to support the movement.

This website is also important because media has become important on how the main patterns, values, and norms are established in society. Therefore, it is vital that queer publications are preserved to still embed them into society. The problem is usually queer publications or archives websites usually cost to use their resources. This website allows completely free access to past zines for free. Overall, this website shows clear connection to queer history and visual archive but it preserves it as well.


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