Blog #1: Queer Politics

Posted in Uncategorized by bblurbs on February 8, 2010

Queer News This Week…..


This brief article found on 365gay.com is titled “North: If gays can serve openly, pedophiles are next”, which discusses the repealing of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy and Oliver North’s opinion that if homosexuals are allowed to serve in the military, the next step is for violators of the law, more extremely put, “pedophiles are next”.


In this video, found on the FoxNewsElectionHQ channel on youtube, an anchor discusses the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy” and the possibility of it being repealed. I originally found a similar video on the Queers United blog, but went to further search videos that provided more information about the issue. It also provides further support to the first link provided, showing Oliver North speak candidly about his opinion on the possible banishment of the policy. While he doesn’t make reference to his statement about “pedophiles”, we do see that he refutes the repealing of the policy, describing that Barack Obama’s hope to get rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is a “stunning assault on the all volunteer military” and that it also treats “homosexuals as lab rats in a radical social experiment”. Though he attempts to make it seem as though getting rid of the policy is somehow cruel to homosexuals and is more of an “experiment”, it is clear that Oliver North is more worried about homosexuals serving in the military and breaking a ridiculous tradition and rule that is embedded in the U.S. Code that he quotes within the video.

While my sexuality as a heterosexual female is not put in jeopardy by this law, it amazes and angers me that sexuality in any situation would be put into any “U.S. Code” as a concern or threat.  Army is about National Security as Oliver North has stated, but what does the security of a country have to do with the sexuality of those fighting? Does this take away from their ability to fight and admirably serve for their country?


Here’s another article that I found on the 365gay.com website. This article speaks about Anwar Ibrahim, a Malaysia opposition leader who was accused of sodomy, an act considered illegal, even when consensual, in Malaysia. Ibrahim was convicted of having sex with a man for not the first time, which initially earned him six years spent in jail, but for the second time. Ibrahim feels as though because of his position as a politic leader, his charges have been more severe and unfair; he assumes that along with all the publicity of the trial, the government no longer wants him in office.


Each of these articles directly relate to politics and reveal how uncomfortable society is concerning homosexuality. In the first article, Oliver North basically makes an outlandish comparison between homosexuality and pedophilia, saying that if homosexuals are allowed to serve for their countries, pedophiles will be next. The second video, Oliver North makes it clear of his belief that homosexuals being able to serve openly in the military are an insult to other heterosexual men serving in the army, as if homosexuals are unsuitable. The third article is similar, Anwar Ibrahim’s activities behind closed doors immediately cause others discomfort, and ultimately make him unsuitable to serve for his country.

As a heterosexual female, I can only imagine how it would feel and how difficult it would be for something as natural and beyond my control as my sexuality to be a determinant of what I can or cannot do, or what I am capable of. It seems scarily similar to race issues in the past; people being “incapable” or “unwanted”, simply because of the color of their skin, their ethnicity, or nationality. The insulting and implied comparison of homosexuals to “pedophiles”, sick minded individuals, could make no homosexual man or woman feel any more ostracized from society than a criminal. These articles just highlight the difficulties of being “queer”, of being at odds with what is considered the majority. It highlights how difficult it would be to live openly in a society not completely ready to accept, and in contrast, how difficult it still is to live privately. To be queer seems to be a catch 22.

– Brittany Britto


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