Blog #3: Better left untitled

Posted in Uncategorized by graylielane on February 8, 2010


They point and leer at the boy unanimously labeled queer
Synonymous with worthless and different he shies away, no not gay
Gay would assume cheerful, but the ridicule from others makes him fearful.
Forced to hide because who he is doesn’t coincide, with who he “should be.”
But surely they can’t be the authority, on what passes for purity.
They, like him, have unwholesome desires,
They, like him, live in a society which forces them to be liars.
They, like him, must suppress themselves to avoid the label “someone else.”

They too fear that the queer in them, may be discovered by their precious peers.
Then they too would be estranged, linked to the boy discarded as deranged.
God forbid they’re forced to see, the commonality between them and he.
The way others before them couldn’t see, the link between them
And the man they watched swing from that tree.

The red blood they watched fill the blood vessels in his eyes
Causing a massive protrusion and overwhelming confusion,
As he loss control of the only thing he was ever allowed to own.
Is the same red blood that freely flows through their bodies,
Giving color to the skin, thankfully not labeled “colored.”
It’s a privilege, one that allows us to rightfully kill our brothers.
Cain and Abel, we kill one and forever mark the “un-sable” other,
Creating tensions that continue for generations unmentioned.

This lack of speech suppresses, while the cold hard ground caresses.
We enter, and leave the world the same way.
Otherwise, we think solidarity would lead to our demise.
Forget that we can laugh together, love each other and lead similar lives.
No, we must create division, and dare each other not to cross lines.
These lines, together make symbols, these symbols, derogatory words
Words that cut and bruise like unforgiving swords.
Language which should be meant to communicate and unite,
Divides us indefinitely as we try with all our might…
To classify and label each other, alienating and “othering.”
Not wanting to admit that the same blood and tears we cry,
is the same blood and tears…running through…the “queers.”


Language is a blessing and a curse.  I am amazed at how the same words that can uplift one group of people also demean another.  Terming or labeling someone else is extremely stifling.  In giving someone a label we limit their possibilities by trying to polarize our world.  We even have terms for those who belong to neither side of the spectrum.  We introduce “bi-sexual” and “mulatto” to ensure no one escapes the categorized grasp.  My poem (or writing) attempts to focus on the unity that exist between members of these different groups.  I mention nature to show that essentially we’re all the same regardless of the labels we invent to alienate each other.  We all have similar experiences.  We cry, bleed, live and die the same way.  So much research is devoted to finding differences between races and sexualities that the unifying characteristics are ignored.  One of our readings (either Somerville or Hoad) stated, differences between members within a race are greater than those between them.  To sum this up, to say there are biological differences which divide and create “hierarchies” where one individual’s lifestyle is better than anothers is crap (and that’s putting it nicely).


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