What I Think Is Missing…

Posted in Uncategorized by anneabigail on February 9, 2010

I believe there is a lack of information/articles/studies available concerning the way that race and sexuality are viewed in the military.  It would be interesting to see what parallels could be drawn between any judgement or abnormal treatment homosexual members of the armed services receive, versus any oppression or racism that military members who are of a minority race receive.  Black soldiers have been an important part of our country’s military history and successes, and most likely there were many homosexual soldiers as well, but during times when it would have been “taboo” or considered “innapropriate” to be open about one’s sexuality.  This still exists today in the armed forces.  I think that there is an interesting relationship between these two minorities in the armed services.  What is okay to talk about within the armed services, and what is considered “wrong” or “unspeakable”?  What justices and oppressions have been put upon minority races and homosexuals in the armed forces for the past 300 years?

Recently, the armed forces have decided to allow women in submarine units, since they had been banned before.  Some critics, who are very in front of the media and heard by “the people” have asked, well what happens when these women get pregnant on the submarines?  Why is that an assumption?  Are we animals, that if you put a woman and a man together she will end up being pregnant?  It’s obviously not ok to the army for men to be having sex with each other in the submarine but no one gets pregnant, so no one talks about it?  I thought that this would make a great discussion for class, and the assumptions of sociology and sexual activity by homophobic institutions.

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