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Posted in Architecture by kth14 on February 24, 2010

queerrace    queerrace Hopefully, this works. It should be a collage on a powerpoint slide.

I decided to do a collage of pictures for the Blog number 3 option. I really like collages and I think that it works well for the idea of this class/the assignment because it intertwines the ideas of queer and race together. In order to find pictures, I googled (of course) under google images.

First, I tried queer. Then lesbians. Then gay men, black gay men, race and gay, gay families, lesbian families, gay pride and probably a few more combinations. One of the first things I noticed was how predominately white most of the people in these pictures were. I had to start searching with racial words in order to find more diverse people in those pictures. Also, most of the pictures I found at first contained only men, so I had to specifically look for lesbians, or black women or black lesbian women.

But, just searching “queer” resulted in almost all pictures of white, gay men (including many pictures from the show Queer as Folk, which I love, but also contains predominately white, male gay characters). A lot of the pictures of the men (and for the women as well, but less so) were very sexual or showed half (or more than half) naked men/women, together or alone. It was hard sometimes to find pictures appropriate for the collage. I just found it interesting how sexualized the queer community is within itself or made to seem.

However, when I searched for gay pride images, I found a little more diversity concerning race, although not much. I really liked the pride pictures,with all the rainbow colors and such that represent the queer community’s differences, yet the main image for this community which prides itself on being different and diverse is mainly white males, which is the main image for Americans in general.

One of my favorite pictures is the one of the two black men wearing shirts saying “Gay is the new black”. I love this image and it seems a perfect intersect of the two ideas we focus on: race and queer. I am not really sure what this saying is supposed to illustrate, however my interpretation is that the queer community is the new group of people who are fighting for their rights, like people of different races had to do previously (and still today fight against racism).

I guess the queer community is fighting queerism? Or is there a different word to describe the hate towards queer peoples, like racism or sexism?

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  1. extremedancer14 said, on February 25, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    I agree with your statement in that I myself have researched, or “googled”, “queer” or “queer studies” and in turn, just as you had said, the results came up mostly with pictures of young, white, male men/couples. In this class, we are studying the concept of how race and homosexuality interconnect and how it stretches farther than that to include both class and sex .It seems really unfortunate that this is what seems to be the “poster boy” image of the gay community (being white and male). In my personally opinion, I feel that this image is still the norm but, however, a slow yet inevitable movement to include all races and sexes of the gay community.

    In response to your question (is the queer community is fighting queerism), I think that the community is fighting for the term to be much broader than what it has been socially limited to. This is to include all races, sexes, classes and whatever else can fall into the non-majority community.
    Kristi Martin, Fe.25th.2010, ENGL459Q, response 1

  2. shortstuff84 said, on March 2, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I also really like the t-shirts that say Gay is the new black- pretty cool. I agree with you, queer culture seems to be very sexualized by the media. I just started watching The L Word on dvd and it seems like all lesbians do is have sex. The picture of the hands painted in rainbow colors is cool too. It makes me think of everyone coming together because they have one thing in common but that’s enough.

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