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Posted in Uncategorized by austone on February 24, 2010

“Lady Gaga Talks about Her Strap-On”

This article describes how famous pop-star Lady Gaga held a strap-on near her crotch on the front cover of Q, a British music magazine. There were rumors prior to this that Lady Gaga may be intersexed but rather than running away from the rumor, she played along with it.

“If Gays Were Allowed to Serve Openly, Think How Awesome the USO Shows Would Be”

This is an article (with video) from queerty.com detailing how African-American lesbian Wanda Sykes discussed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with comedian Bill Maher and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. Sykes makes the comment that although gays are in the military, they are not Rupaul gays, but “Brokeback gays.”

“Maryland May Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages”

How could I skip this article? It explains how our beloved state of Maryland could soon recognize outside same-sex marriages. This could only happen, however, if: “Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation; the Court of appeals ruled to allow it; or through the regulations of state agencies.”

These articles, all found on queer news sources, demonstrates the variety of information regarding LGBT matters. The first article about Lady Gaga’s strap-on is fascinating because she has been deemed by many as intersexed, the perceived ultimate taboo. Rather than running from the rumor, she embraces it on the front cover of a magazine. Her status in the LGBT community is well-respected as she is an outspoken proponent of equality. The second link is significant because it demonstrates much of society’s public outcry of the DADT policy. Many late night comedians such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have lashed out against the policy but Bill Maher’s inclusion of a lesbian informs viewers that queer people (and in this case an African-American woman) are no different than everyone else (despite what many conservatives believe). The last article is an example of the many queer policies being discussed and debated by lawmakers and these cover important information that affects the lives of queer citizens (“How will this affect
me?”). Some of these items may be regarded as national news (Prop 8 in California) but other stories like this one may make local news.


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  1. Anne Niemi said, on February 24, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    I’m really glad someone posted this news about Lady Gaga, we talked about this magazine cover in one of my education classes, as an example of something inappropriate that high schools students may bring up or want to discuss from the media in English classrooms, since usually English class has the most room for such “life” conversations and current events. My question, within the context of this class, is what is appropriate, and what is offensive to call inappropriate? One would need to break down what society deems inappropriate about Gaga’s picture: Is it because she’s white, and the strap on is black? Is it just because its near her vagina? Is it because we don’t know whether she would use it having sex with a man or a woman? If the inappropriateness of this cover lies within the last question, the suggestion that lady Gaga is sexually ambiguous, or homosexual, or bisexual, than perhaps it is offensive. It is offensive to label a lifestyle that does not hurt anyone, inappropriate. I think underneath all of her face paint, Gaga may actually be an astoundingly political figure in the media. Whether its for attention or social justice, I’m not sure.

  2. AJ said, on March 29, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    On Lady Gaga:

    (disclaimer, as a person who does not follow Gaga’s work and can only name two of her songs, please excuse me if I have my facts wrong.)

    First of all, I would like to point out that I find the policing of anyone’s genitalia to be a level of repugnant that is far beyond any other public policing that we as a society have come to expect. I was glad that the story was not picked up by most reputable news outlets, which would have given the story credibility. This story occurred around the time of the Caster Semenya fiasco, which shows us how devastating these types of rumors can be.

    From original post: “There were rumors prior to this that Lady Gaga may be intersexed but rather than running away from the rumor, she played along with it.”

    How is posing with a strap-on playing with the rumor that she is intersex? Is it simply that now we have a picture of Gaga with a “dick”? Even if she was intersex, she would not have a penis. That simply is just not how intersex conditions/disorders of sexual development (DSDs) work. This seems to be how Gaga herself is describing the photo, which makes me sad. If this photo is nothing more than an excuse for Gaga to pose with a penis, than please disregard my entire comment.

    However, I feel that if this picture is playing up anything, it is playing up her bisexual identity/ alternative sexuality, giving the public an image of what she might look like in bed (strap-on, leather pants, bed-head, fetish gloves). Given how many of her performances center around images of sexual power and fetish-like clothing perhaps instead of starting rumors about her genitals, we in the kinky community should claim her as one of our own.

    To Anne’s comment: I have noticed how in trying to become more and more “edgy” fashion has been going into the realm of sexual taboos. I have seen fashion spreads including images of simulated bestiality, child pornography, and gang rape. I do agree that the questions need to be asked: which of these are fashion and which are simply inappropriate? Which are highlighting marginalized groups of people in a good way, and which are simply appropriating their culture?

    Sidenote: after clicking on the link to the article, I was reminded how one should never read the public comments on articles like this, even if it is posted on the Advocate.

    On Lady Gaga’s supposed intersex-ness:

    On Intersex people:

    • ajshort314 said, on April 29, 2010 at 1:27 am

      Professor: in case you couldnt tell, I am this AJ.
      -AJ Short

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