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This article is about how the U.S. Supreme Court decided to reject a petition by opponents of gay marriage. This petition would have prevented the law from taking effect. But with the rejection, legislation will commence on 3/3/2010.


This is essentially about how bisexuals are real people too. Bisexuals around the nation want to be included in things like the National Gay and Lesbian Task force, as well as expand the saying of ‘gays and lesbians in the military’ to including bisexuals. The main point is that bisexuals demand inclusion.


This is primarily about the U.S. skater, Johnny Weir, and his sexuality. The author talks about why his sexuality is being assumed just because of outward appearance, and how other stereotypes should be questioned, like athletes who are “typically male” and therefore not gay.

These specific articles are good ones to focus on for the week, simply because they are current events of the community, as well as the nation’s public. Same-sex marriage has always been a hot topic, especially since the last presidential race. Now, the Nation’s Capital is getting same-sex marriage, which, I hope, will rock the boat and get more states on the way. The bisexuality topic is an issue that I always personally have to deal with. Many people always ask if it’s real, and question my decisiveness. But because I am bisexual, although I normally resist any labeling terminology, I know it’s real, and that people sincerely feel this way. Lastly, the piece about Weir is pertinent because the Olympics were just on for a fortnight and figure skating was a big deal. But while Johnny Weir’s teammates were being boasted about, in National Championships, Weir was being called “flamboyant” and “fabulous,” without any mention of his repertoire of medals and winnings. The focus was his sexuality and not about his athleticism, which should not have been the case, in my opinion. The Olympics are about athleticism and hard work, sexuality not included. All in all these articles are reflective of queer news, in my opinion, of the last week. Also they were articles that were interesting to me because they were interesting and made pertinent points about people in and out of the community.


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  1. saimaanika said, on March 4, 2010 at 2:23 am

    Great articles. I’ll be honest, reading articles like the first one makes me happy as a straight individual who strongly advocates for gay rights because it is an indication of a major and epic step in the LGBT community. As for your third article, I have been hearing about Johnny Weir for quite some time now and it is still astonishing to me of how people enjoys dissecting a celebrity’s sexuality when word gets out that he or she may be gay. Seriously, why? If we do this with people who may be gay, let’s dissect straight people’s sexual orientation. For example, with the Weir case, it seems as though this is some hot topic that people cannot get over. Like, he did some unbelievable deed that people cannot stop thinking about. We have so much talent and advancement in the world of sports, but if someone’s sexual orientation is other than straight, all hell breaks loose and biases comments and actions begin to commence by the higher ups in the industry. This is above and beyond ridiculous.

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