The Arts: What is Sexuality to a Rich African American Rapper?

Posted in Uncategorized by anneabigail on March 8, 2010

Something that I have always found interested was the sexual connotations of rap videos, or perhaps many of them can be referred to denotations, since many rap fans expect rap videos to include their favorite rapper and lots, and lots, and lots, of scantily clad girls.  If one looks at Lil Wayne’s video for “Lollipop” one of the BIGGEST hits of our lifetime (whether you like the song or not, it spent 149 weeks on a total of 15 billboard charts) it is quite exemplary of this genre of music video.  What you can gather from the video, which fits the description of many rappers’ is Lil Wayne is rich, he wears diamonds and can afford a fancy hotel room, limo, etc.  What this tells us, as well as television shows that feature tours of Lil Wayne’s house, profiles his vacations, and calculates the net worth of his record sales and concert ticket sales, is that this man can afford the best of everything, including lifestyle…including his sex life?  If Lil Wayne can afford the best lifestyle, he shows it in his videos.  If we assume that Lil Wayne lives the best life as a famous, rich, and talented (some may argue) single man, we can assume his sex life is something people will admire along with his other larger than life attributes.  If this is the case, this video is showing that the optimum sex life for Lil Wayne has a ratio of 1 Lil Wayne to 25 fairly light-skinned beautiful women.  If we look at the limo scenes, we can see that if there’s one little Wayne to dance with, the majority of the other girls will sexually dance in the limo next to other girls.  Is there a connotation, that when the champagne’s done and everyone’s drunk, that there will be 25 women and 1 Lil Wayne back back at the luxury hotel?  Is this rapper sex, 1 on 25?  Are the 24 not having sex with him at a certain instant supposed to be sexual with each other?  The idea of a threesome or “girl-on-girl” action is prevalent in dozens of current rap songs.  The connotations of these lyrics and images need to be considered in order to see what role 1) All women 2) Black women and 2) Lesbianism have in this luxurious sex life of the rich and famous rappers, and how the public responds to it or is influenced by it.

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