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Posted in Uncategorized by thecasualsquirrel on March 10, 2010

The District of Columbia has just recently passed a bill that now allows same sex marriages.  In class we have been talking about marriage for a couple of days yet we have yet to mention the momentous occasions that happened right in our back yard.   Last Wednesday two African American women were the first o be married in DC.  Angelina Young and Sinjoyla Townsend made history when they tied the knot but they claim to be boring people.

Angelina and Sinjoyla met twelve years ago when they were set to debate each other at U of DC and that competition turned into affection.  The two have received lots of attention since the date and they say that they anxiously await minute 16 of their 15 minutes of fame.  They were approached by the HRC and was asked if they would be one of the first ten to be married.  They accepted graciously and as it turned out they were the first to arrive.  This simple fact has changed their lives forever and there are mixed feelings by everyone.

Angelina Young says that she “Doesn’t want to let anyone down”.  She believes that her marriage is much more than just your everyday marriage, it represents a union that many people only wish they had the right to enjoy and she is well aware of this.  The couple have also received different comments from people in their everyday lives.. Some congratulatory, some not as nice.

The newlyweds have a pair of tattoos on their arms and Angleina’s says “Rain” and Sinjoyla has “Sunflowers”.  This is because when they were first dating Sinjoyla said to Angelina “Every sunflower needs rain to grow.  Will you be my rain?”  The two have been happily together ever since and are now LEGALLY!!! married.  The two are aware that the first people to do anything face a tough road but they are honored to do so because they truly believe they are paving the way for thousands of same sex couples.

This is great to see and read about.  I had no idea DC was so close to passing this bill and even though I myself will never be the beneficiary of this bill I am excited for everyone that will be and for DC for having the juevos to pass such a bill.    I recently read that Maryland is now recognizing same sex marriages and that was the same first step that DC took.  Hopefully Maryland can learn something from our neighbors to the west.

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  1. ahart1314 said, on April 1, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    I, too, was wondering why we hadn’t yet talked about same-sex marriage in D.C. As an avid reader of the Washington Post, I was delighted to see pictures, on the front page of the paper, of the first lesbian and gay couples to get married. These pictures appeared the day after couples were allowed to go to City Hall to obtain marriage licenses. Both of the couples were embracing or kissing. After that day’s Washington Post was distributed, the backlash against the pictures began. Thousands of subscribers to the Washington Post began calling, emailing, or writing letters voicing their approval or disapproval of the pictures, although unfortunately most of the feedback was disapproval of the pictures.

    While the Washington Post has been criticized for other pictures they’ve shown, such as the gruesome pictures from the Haiti disaster, they’ve never gotten as much feedback as they did when they published pictures of same-sex couples on the front page. Some readers went so far as to say they were cancelling their subscriptions to the paper while others said they thought it would have been more appropriate to put the pictures on page 10 so kids wouldn’t be as likely to see the “inappropriate” pictures. The ombudsman has defended the pictures time and again saying that the pictures were simply depicting societal change and were not offensive whatsoever.
    Here is a link to his response:

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