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Posted in Uncategorized by iTerp on March 16, 2010

A few weeks back, our class was talking about the differences between having a “house” and a “home,” as introduced in our text “Marriage, A History.” I think we finally came to the conclusion that there was a certain sense of defending the legacy and honor of a “house;” that it had to be protected and fought for. Some examples we threw out were things like “The House of Gaga” and “The House of Chanel.” We even discussed our school’s Under Armour slogan for sports: “Protect this House.” For a home, we talked about the more nurturing characteristics that it possessed; that “home” was where “the heart is” and that is where the loving is done.

I couldn’t help but keep this discussion in my mind, not unlike all things from our class because I’m an excellent student (insert laughs here). That same evening, the men’s basketball team played Duke at Comcast. Our Under Armour slogan “Protect this House” was plastered EVERYWHERE in that stadium – everyone had it stamped on their shirts, the scoreboard, even the freaking floor had the words on it! But what made the connection between the “house” and “home” discussion from our class come alive was someone’s fan sign. It was a picture with Coach Gary Williams on top of the Comcast Center with a crown and a scepter and the words read, “Gary, protect this ComCASTLE.” I thought it was pretty clever and the message resonated well – a house, at least in our Maryland terms, seems to imply this very thought. It is up to the “King” and his “warriors” (Gary and the Terps) to defend and ward off all invaders from trying to steal their glory (i.e. the ACC title and our self-respect).

I couldn’t find a picture of the sign, but I thought you’d like to hear my story!


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  1. dpayton2 said, on March 21, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    The slogan “protect this house” resonates well with the Maryland students and means that we have a special privatized space to protect. It means we own our space and we must stop other teams from having their way when they play in our arenas. We must stick together as classmates and teammates and assert our own style of play and cameraderie. Maryland’s Comcast Center does indeed represent our own private “castle” that we open up to opponents when they are on the road looking for their own share in victory. Our team is there to represent us and we are there to cheer them on.

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