Same-sex marriage

Posted in Uncategorized by dpayton2 on March 21, 2010

The battle for same-sex marriage continues to rage in the United States as more and more states are accepting the proposal for such a union.  Several states have taken up the banner and position that gay couples are okay to get married in their states.  Many gay couples have been fighting for this position for years and they have made tremendous headway in the area.  The marriages should be allowed and the United States is well on its way to encapsulating all same-sex marriage within its borders.  Many of the Republican constituents have believed and continue to believe that marriage should be reserved as a special rite and should only be allowed for heterosexual couples.  The gays have fought over this subject for a long time and continue to support the position that marriage is not just for heterosexual couples but also gay couples as well.  The gay couples that have been fighting for their rightful position have continued to make headway and they believe that the United States government should see to it that all people are treated equally under the eyes of the law and that everyone gets an equal share and equal say in the institutions that make up our nation.


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