Living Independent of the Gov’t

Posted in Uncategorized by wtravisumd on March 24, 2010

So two weeks ago we talked about living outside of the law. Basically it was mentioned that some people get married to their spouse in a church, but don’t get married by the state. Other people get married to multiple spouses but if they were to do that through state offices then they would be felons. I want to use this post to link to a few groups/pages/whatever that can better explain this state-less existence.

Fr33 Agents is a group, network, and blog that became popular after a libertarian leaning group called Bureaucrash began to adopt many aspects of the New Right ideology. Fr33 Agents describe themselves as, “anarcho-capitalists, left-libertarians, agorists, minarchists, and classical liberals.” In reality, Fr33 Agents is a group of anarchists who see no use for government in any form. They advocate civil disobedience and a major keystone of their philosophy is the Non-Aggression Principle.

The Seasteading Institute is an organization that is seeking to build seasteads in the ocean that would be autonomous and free of control from current governments. Seasteads would exist in the agora so readily espoused by many anarchists, minarchists, etc. The concept of seasteading is that SI would build floating cities and they would be lived in by people who held common political, ideological beliefs. I don’t really understand the idea completely, but the found of PayPal, Peter Thiel likes the idea so much that he gave SI $500,00.

Alliance of the Libertarian Left is a low key site that promotes voluntaryism. I know even less about ALL than I do about the first two organizations but I just figured it worth throwing in here.

So why post these links here? Well, I don’t know. I feel like in a class we discuss issues in regard to how groups of people are perceived and receive recognition from the state. I think I just want to show that there are some groups and people to want to exist with less of that state recognition. Voluntaryism is the theme that binds all of the groups linked above. Basically do whatever you want and interact with only those who you want to, just don’t infringe on anyone else right to do the same.


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