Feeling “Magenta” on my Creativity

Posted in Uncategorized by iTerp on April 7, 2010

I had some major difficulties trying to come up with this blog post — I hate when people say they’re not creative, because everyone is good at expressing something in some unique way, but I really felt like the color “magenta.” I’m not sure if many of you frequent the Lifetime circuit or are well-versed in your Golden Girls episodes, but Blanche (the “youngest” older woman explains her feeling like the color “magenta” because she’s a mix of all different emotions and colors inside.) This is close as I could come to describing my feeling about this post.

So, I felt, why not try and put the magenta on the paper.

Now, the following picture is my interpretation of my experiences with the LGBT community. Some of the photos I chose were purposefully stereotyped (i.e. Elton John and Rosie) and others were ones that I found interesting. I also picked dominant institutions that shape individuals’ lives, schools, the church, military, pop culture, and applied them to the knowledge I’ve acquired while in this course. I wanted the image to illustrate conflicting and sarcastic views of queer life (see comic strip), bright and more eye-catching photos (see Hollywood Blvd. and the HIV/Aids condom) and conversation pieces (see “Hate, it’s taught.” and “Out Ranks”.)

I kind of felt that a lot of what I was throwing down on the page was like an erupting gay volcano full of glitter, once it started, there was no stopping it and everything was covered. Most of the images I selected I already had an idea of the direction I wanted to take, but others kind of fell into my lap. For instance, the “Out ranks” one was where I was “Googling” gays and the military. There were some interesting links that popped up on the sites too, things like “Gay teleconferencing” and an “exclusive web offer to cleanse gays of their religious sins.” It was interesting to see the tags and how the images were filtered down…i.e. search the words “gay in school” and there’s an interesting article on a Maryland delegate that wants all LGBT sites blocked in schools. This made me reflect on how people search and what their motives are for searching on the internet.  (i.e. are they searching to learn more, or searching to reinforce ideas/stereotypes?).

Despite my first “magenta” feelings, this was an awesome project — I thought I’d tie in my original magenta ring of mixed emotions around the images to show the lump sum of my work. Hope you enjoy!

Magenta Presentation


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  1. saimaanika said, on April 8, 2010 at 2:23 am

    I grew up with the “Golden Girls!” My mother got me addicted to the show since I was a little girl (I know, I have very liberal parents). I watched each episode about a million and one times. I still watch the re-runs every night. (they have a mini marathon on the Hallmark channel and Bravo TV every night on the weekdays). Anyway, let’s get away from the Golden Girl rant, I think the definition of magenta as a mixture of emotions is ingenious (the writer of the scripts for the show is my idol). We all feel like that every once in a while we reside in such a stressful world. Your collage is great. The comic strip is perfection. In a sense, I feel like the little boy saying that he wants to be gay when he grows up is trying to convey that homosexuality is caused by rebellion and mutiny against the uptight, conserved, conventional society displayed by their parents, relatives, teachers, priests, etc. This is such an opposite depiction. Now, the “Ex-gays prove change is possible” is just hilarious. Those “ex-gays” where never really gay to begin with.

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