Gays Adopting to Keep Kids from Prison’s Dangers

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In an article Published in USA Today titledBoth sides on gay adoption cite concern for children”, a reflection not only on gays adopting children comes into debate, but also how by doing so can help ensure a child’s well being and keeping them out of prison. A step into the lives of Harold Birtcher and Thom O’Reailly, a couple from Ohio who have been together for over 25 years, address that when traveling to the state of Oregon to adopt a child, were denied the advantage. Butcher mentioned that in this occasion, “no one is stepping up to adopt these children”, in turn, leaving them in the hands of both abusive families (both biological and foster care families) and over-crowded, sometimes unsanitary orphanage’s.

Children, in these situations, tend to look for, and find, dangerous outlets that put them in contact with drugs, gang life, or worse, prison life, in order to fill the void of a family life (or poor family life) they lack. The situation most certainly creates a double standard. Birtcher says that “our prisons are full of people who were in foster care, and those people were in, quote unquote, straight family homes. If I can provide a loving, stable home, that’s the goal.” This in turn raises further questions of fair adoption to couples, although homosexual, can provide a loving stable home for a child in need.

In a study conducted by the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) cite that children with gay or lesbian parents “fare as well as those raised in families with a mother and a father.” Other studies have determined that these children receive equal nourishment and have the same opportunities, both in child and later adult life, as ones to a heterosexual couple. The article states that there are about 520,000 children in foster care and are in desperate need of adoption. The issues surrounding gays allowing to adopt is in desperate need of recognition in order to allow children in foster care a chance to lead a normal, positive life and allow a couple that opportunity to provide them with love.


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  1. kriegerdeslichts459 said, on April 23, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    Touchy-feely-new age-y as it may seem, I’ve always believed that it’s not enough for kids to have food, clothing, and shelter to grow up. They also need a supportive family and access to education so they can learn to seize positive opportunities for themselves. Between banning gays from adopting and being vehemently against abortion, it seems to me that the radical right is bound and determined to keep orphanages full of unwanted kids. There’s a George Carlin joke in here somewhere…

    Also, I’m not sure exactly where I read it, but in another LGBT class I took awhile back, we saw that several studies showed that not only did children of same-sex parents fare as well as those of different-sex parents – some fared even BETTER in certain areas. LGBT parents are more likely to divide household labor equally according to ability rather than hold to gendered expectations. This carries over into their children, who were shown to grow up and share responsibilities more equally with their partners, regardless of sex.

    Gays raising good citizens? Poppycock! (ok, I really just wanted to say “poppycock” 😀 )

  2. nr459 said, on April 26, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Same-sex couple adoption has been an ongoing issue in American society. (I’m assuming around the world too, but I will stick to what I am familiar with.) Having two fathers or two mothers is seen as insufficient, inappropriate, and counterproductive. How are those who love another of the same sex meant to be suitable parents? News flash America: they are! Who says a 15 year old girl who had unprotected sex is a fit mother just because she is attracted to men? Who says heterosexual couples are meant to be fit parents? Who says foster care and orphanages are more suitable of a home? Society. And in fact, it’s ridiculous.

    With the millions and millions of children that are in desperate need of a loving home, they should be offered that no matter what. They DESERVE that the same way a same-sex couple DESERVES the right to be parents. I can’t change the channel or flip pages of the newspaper without hearing horror stories of a mother or father that abused their child, beat their child, or even killed their child. They dangers of children in “normal” households seem to be the most dangerous of all. And in all honesty, when has there been a news story of a gay couple that abused or killed their child? I have never seen one. And you bet, if there was such a tragedy, it would never go out of the public eye.

    Gays and those who want to be parents are not the enemy. They are just trying to exercise the rights that everyone else takes advantage over. And sadly, it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen about this anytime soon.

  3. teddytaylor said, on May 7, 2010 at 6:24 am

    This example, of foster kids in prison, seems to be slightly extremist. However, I do appreciate the article because it’s overall goal is to make people think. I guess society is too wrapped up in themselves to realize that writing off gay parents as unhealthy is about as accurate as saying all straight parents are perfect, when we all know that’s not the case. Examples like these really force people to think outside of the “norm,” because in reality, what is normal anyways? I think the problem society has with gay parents has to do more with comfort. Our culture is based on heterosexual parenting, and good or bad, this is what people recognize and accept. The idea of same-sex parents is still relatively new, and nobody can really predict what these children they are raising will turn out to be (even though we know they’ll turn out just the same). It has to do with that idea about “kids are our future,” and what would happen to the future if we decided to change the way in which they are raised. I mean it is a valid concern. You cannot deny that what are parents teach us, intentionally and unintentionally, has a huge effect on who we become. The things we witness growing up within the house hold have a profound influence on us subconsciously. I think the focus should be more on the gay identity and bringing awareness so that in the future people will understand there will be no difference. It’s what they don’t know that scares them. If the queer community wants to adopt there are ways around it, but I think to focus heavily on this as an issue needs to be put on the back burner. Focusing on one goal at a time is more effective.

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