Johnny Weir Skates to Lady Gaga

Posted in Uncategorized by ascheer on May 3, 2010

In case you haven’t already seen this, here’s a link to Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir, skating to the song “Poker Face.”  It’s an amazing blend of insane figure skater moves and voguing/club dancing.


1.  Describe an experience (or 2 or 3) you have had that’s been a transcendent/magical collective queer dancing experience.  How did it feel?  Where were you at (physically, emotionally, spiritually), how did it affect you later?

OK, so there’s two types of situations where i identify with having had spiritual experiences dancing with queers. The first is like party-style, (like at the club or at a house party), the second is like movement-style (which could be like a rehearsal or spontaneous).

I’m mostly gonna focus on party style cus i think thats what you want.

I gotta say that sometimes i have a harder time having spiritual or transcending experiences dancing in specifically queer spaces that are mostly girls and transboys. Cus the sexual tension is so thick and everyone is scamming so hard and honestly im scammin too. Just to be real. And sex itself can be really transcending but getting hit on  u s u a l l y  isn’t. (for me.) So, in the party-style category, I think i’ve had the most of these experiences in either straight spaces with my crew (or alone) or gayboy spaces. Places where i feel like i have no one to impress and i can get loose and go hard. let my spine curve down and spend three songs just opening my hips if i need to. repeat the same movement over and over and feel myself a part of the whole room, the whole sky, or just each tiny cell in motion. And feel how everyone else is doing the same thing, in different ways.

I used to go to this gay party at this straight bar in olympia wa. It was called somehting stupid like spam or bolony. The dj was so hot. Anyway, somehow, it was just a total freakshow on the dance floor.  Boots with the fur and shit. And like people in witch outfits (that they actually wear everyday like not ironic) and half naked and just this crazy energy of everyone g e t t i n g d o w w n n n. it was amazing. The heat would just rize off our bodies and meet at the ceiling and there was this wierd flame that burned all night at a factory a few blocks away and I imagine those dancing bodies is what kept it lit, kept the birds in the sky, kept the stars in the sky.

Honestly, for the last couple years, i’ve mostly been drunk or at least a lil tips in these situations, but i’ve definitly had them sober too. Those times I often feel even more lucid about the movements happening in my body, the energy shifting around. But sometimes feel less lucid about the collective energy.

2.  Where do you go when you want to have a transcendent dance experience?  Where in different cities?

Last time i went to have a moment like that was at this straight bar in center city philly and i went with my coworkers on like a thursday hoping they would just get trashed and i could do my secret gender thing on the dance floor with my one coworker who is a sweet breakdancer. I love breakdancers, party dance that KNOWS its fucking spiritual. Those motherfuckers are meditating on the dance floor. And its like fighting. Which is another spiritual experience. Fights. Anyway, it sucked cus i ended up saying something about my girlfriend and my coworker was like, yo yr gay? And then tirade tirade about how thats a sin but hate the sin and love the sinner blah blah and i was like, “r e a l l y?” i’m just trying to get my loose on. But i went there with him. Cus i know that my heart feels his heart. (This is the breakdancer dude.) So we went there and it was ok and worth the missed dance experience.

3.  Are these queer spaces?  What makes them queer?

We make them queer! When everyone is feeling it we transcend our limits and borders of what type of people we fuck or how we wear out hair at our day jobs. Even if people don’t realize they are queering it, i can feel it when we’re just all riding that beat, creating a rythym together, the DJ is just a facilitator. And some DJ’s are trying to facilitate make outs and some are trying to facilitate nostalgia, or like a cool train of who knows this obscure song, and some are trying to facilitate a shared shape, a piece of the universe where we just meet each other and meet something bigger. As long as no one hits on me, i’m good. And there’s something about the dance floor that lets me express my gender in a way that is way more natural and people just acknowledge it with their energy. No one has to say shit.

I gotta say I love my homos and I am so grateful for them everysingleday but just because its queer doesn’t mean its going to be safe. People might like touch you or hit on you or not look at you cus of yr race or yr size or some other fucked up shit. There might be secret neonazis at the dance party. And just because it feels pretty safe, that doesn’t mean its gonna be sacred. People might just be trying to fuck or be cool  Sometimes i’m just trying to fuck or be cool… But thats not the sacred space.

I don’t really think the music matters that much. Its more about the intentions.

But in terms of music, I like droney things. I like joy division and new order and like lungfish and shit. And we live in a time when there is some BANGIN r&b that is so nostalgic. Alliyah back and forth, musiq soulchild, ginuwine, ghost town djs my boo etc etc. And then there’s that 2010 shit that like spiritual in this next level preparing to fight way like Janelle Monae, new MIA, Gnarles Barkley, Rihanna…

How do people look? Hmmm i mean you know, everything from glitter fag queerdo tutu shit to like studded out flat brim popped collar to titties hanging out gold lamay (la me?). To like theres a bunch of frat boys but me and my crew are in jeans and a t shirt… I feel most comfortable on the dance floor when i’m wearing a huge t-shirt.


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