Deciphering Lady Gaga and Ricky Martin Through Essentialism and Constructionism

Posted in Uncategorized by saimaanika on May 5, 2010

Lately, I seem to be obsessed with deciphering queer celebrities through a queer/race scope. For my last, let’s say, “controversial” blog, I talked about celebrities coming out only when the height of their careers were ended a good while ago. After learning more, I changed my opinions about this subject and displayed my learning on the Final Paper, I do see now that mainstream society is sort of a “culprit” in destructing the sexuality of celebrities when they “sense” that their sexual orientation is other than heterosexual.   

For this “Arts” blog, I took the essentialism/constructionism dynamic that we discussed in class and applied it to Ricky Martin and Lady Gaga. The essentialism/constructionism dynamic can get a bit complicated at times, so I tried my best with my understanding of the topic.  I think this dynamic is imperative to see queer and race intersect and, from what I learned and observed, I think that the queer community prefers to be seen on the essential spectrum rather than construction because essentialism identifies them as individual people and not categorized and shoved in to a “group” with other people.  I think that is a reason as to why the queer community stands out as unique, which is something I highly appreciate.

Please click the link below to see my “artsy” piece.

Essentialism and Constructionism 

**Note: The fonts express a tone for each side. Such as for “Constructionism” the font is all bold because of the monotonous categorizing that must take place for this paradigm. In the same note, “Essentialism” is typed in different, unique font to represent the specific identity of an individual, which goes along with that paradigm. **

**ALSO: You guys should be able to see the document, but if for some weird reason you can’t, please don’t hesitate to let me know, PLEASE! Thanks!**


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  1. rmleeb said, on May 6, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    I think your description of Lady Gaga’s essentialist sexual identity could be narrowed a bit. In a 2009 Barbara Walters interview, Lady Gaga said that she had sex with and had been in love with men, never fully claimed that she was bisexual, stated that she had never been in love with a woman, yet “definitely had sexual relationships with women.”

    Frankly, this confuses the hell out of me. I don’t know how you could engage in sexual relationships with a person you couldn’t at least feasibly fall in love with. And, these physical relationships lacking love seem to directly contradict a lot of what Gaga has said in the past. Honestly, I think it depends on whom she’s talking to. She has a lot of volatile views and ideas, so I could understand if she is more honest at some times than others.

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