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Posted in Uncategorized by lilsarah22 on May 5, 2010

1. Antigay May Day Event: ‘A Bust
A religious event held yesterday in Washington DC that had leaders like Tony Perkins and Peter LaBarbera that stpoke against homosexual activists agenda. Only 300 people attended for a $70,000 event.

2. Tila takes credit on out.com http://www.advocate.com/Arts_and_Entertainment/People/Tila_Takes_Credit_for_Ellen_Coming_Out/
Famous tv reality show star takes credit for Ellen Degeneres coming out and takes credit for pioneering bisexuality and paving the way for others to come out.

3. Gay Hotel Chain Set to Launch
A New York-based hospitality group plans to open five LGBT-oriented hotels in America before expanding overseas.

I picked these three articles for different reasons that caught my attention differently. I would like to go through all three and explain how it contributes or shows an understanding of race-queer knowledge. The first article, “Antigay May Day Event” was about a religious group that tries to speak against homosexual activists. I just wanted to talk about the religious leader’s rhetoric during his speech. He says forgive us for “the sexual movement known deceptively as ‘gay’”. I figured out why the speech bothered me. He kept using the word gay to explain the movement but this “movement” he speaks of isn’t just gays- it is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Community. I guess because he spoke this way, I lost respect for him as a Speaker. I think this shows his lack of queer-knowledge. I think that if you are going to argue for something, at least be aware of the issues, ALL the issues and the definitions, terms you should use to explain it. It’s nit-picking but it bothered me.

The second article on Tila Tequila I just found really really amusing. If you watch the video, you see how sadly confused and vain Tila really is. She marks herself as an “intelligent” woman who other women fear. It just showed me that you can be really ignorant but believe you are really gifted/knowledgeable about issues. The last news piece I chose was about the New York based hospitality group that plans to open five LGBT oriented hotels in America. . The hotels are described as being “uber high-tech facilities” operated by “some of the most innovative, creative people in design, food & beverage, nightlife, events, and hospitality.” One of the comments about the article said “Why do they have to once again stereotype us as a “lifestyle”? This concept has to have been dreamed up by a het.” This was my exact sentiment, I feel like this idea of a LGBT hotel goes along with the stereotype that all LGBT are fashionable and have better sense of fashion and style than the average joe.


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  1. kirstan27 said, on May 5, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    In response to the article on Tila Tequila I find that she and the character “she created” are truly amusing. I think Tila Tequila was the worst show ever, that took away from the image that bisexuals have tried so hard to build. The fact that she thinks she has anything to do with any positive image of the LGBT community makes her insane. Her T.V show was a joke and feed into the stereotype of bisexuals which they are just really hypersexual, confused, and don’t know who they want to settle down with. Ellen Degeneres is a totally different caliber than Tila Tequila and for Tila Tequila to even try to put herself in the same category is absurd. Ellen is someone I feel many people look to as someone they look up to or see as a dominant figure. Ellen was also out way before Tila even received her contract for her show. I feel if anything Ellen and other older gay figures paved the way not some random website girl who later got a show because she was “bisexual”. Why would anyone woman fear Tila Tequila’s intelligence when during her T.V show she did not discuss one LGBT issue or her struggles being a bisexual. Tila please sit down and be quiet! I don’t care if you’re feeling a little “nutty” since she lost her fiancé. However please do not say ridiculous things that are not true and take away from dominant figures that contributed to the LGBT community.

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