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Posted in Uncategorized by anj316 on May 6, 2010

So there are many issues I have with everything. I know that’s really descriptive, right? Well, I think I’m really passionate about this right now because I just wrote my final paper on some aspects of this. I want to talk about marriage equality. I know, I know, no one wants to talk about this topic anymore. But I want to talk about another aspect of this issue.

Marriage equality is a big issue in the LGBTQ community, especially in the United States. This issue isn’t much of a problem outside the U.S., with other western nations. For a nation that is the leading in the western world, we are very conservative in our views. But that is all beside the point.

Why don’t people talk about how the concept of marriage reinforces the patriarchy and leaves women as subordinates in their lives? Why would people in the progressive movement of LGBTQ movement want to reinforce the horrible stigmas that marriage represents? Well, as a feminist, I can see why. Marriage between the same sex reinforces their love for one another. It’s a basic right that everyone should have.

Further, it is so much easier to gain rights as a married couple in this country. With marriage equality, partners become spouses, which give tax breaks and ensures safety if there is a death, etc. We all know the general benefits.

As the U.S. gets closer and closer to national marriage equality, I really think that we can help other nations with their LGBT movements. We’ve had our Stonewall, let’s help give other countries theirs. I don’t mean that we have to incur violence or anything like that, but what I mean is that we can help these other countries have a turning point in their LGBTQ activism.

I am specifically talking about India, in this sense. They have a rising LGBTQ community, with rising activism. Recently, last year, the Penal Code that made same sex relations illegal was repealed. There are even government sanctions that support LGBTQ people and organizations. This is huge for this third world country because for generations, LGBTQ relations have been so stigmatized. Not to say the stigma is completely gone, but there are moves being made. And this is awesome.

So as the U.S. becomes better with equal rights for LGBTQ people, we should reach out and help other nations that can benefit from our mistakes, experiences, and expertise.


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  1. shortstuff84 said, on May 7, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    I agree and disagree with your post. This country is waaaaayyy behind some others in terms of equal rights for the LGBT community. For example, I learned in French class that gay marriages are completely legal in France. They have all the same rights and recognition as straight marriages- not that civil union bullshit. Funny enough though, most couples (straight and gay) in France actually live in a “union” rather than get legally married. A lot of times, people won’t get married until after they have a kid or two (I’ll have to bust out my textbook later and give you the actual percentages). So anyway, I think that’s pretty cool. I’ve never understood the argument that if gays get married, it disturbs the sanctity of marriage. What sanctity? Half of all marriages end in divorce anyway. Nobody respects “for better or for worse” anymore.
    But I disagree that the U.S. should reach out to other nations regarding this issue. The U.S. already sticks its nose into plenty of issues where it doesn’t belong. I think if this country started telling other governments how to handle LGBT rights, there would be a huge backlash. I can see headlines about imperialism and Western immorality already. But the fact is that we have a long way to go ourselves before we can start telling anyone else what to do. Maybe we should consider asking France to help us!

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