Lesbian Lawmaker Carries Baby for Gay Couple

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Christine Johnson Lesbian Lawmaker in Utah Carries Baby for Gay Men

Lawmaker from UtahThis has to be one of the most interesting news article I have seen this year. Found on BrokenCountry.com,  a current events website,  a lesbian lawmaker by the name of Christine Johnson, 41, of Utah is carrying a baby for a local gay couple. This brave surrogate mother says her reasons for doing this is because of the hardships many gay and lesbian couples have to endure when adopting a child. In the article it reads: “Johnson offered to be a surrogate at no cost to save the Salt Lake City men the prohibitive cost of hiring one-as much as $100,000. Johnson said she’s aware that many lawmakers in conservative Utah think a child does best with both a mother and a father. She predicts the men will be ‘wonderful parents.’” The baby is siad to be due on June 21, 2010.

 This issue speaks highly to a lot of issues. For one thing, and the most important, it shows that there are people out there, even those who hold high political ranks and have political clout, stand behind the notion that people of the LGBT community make wonderful parents. In addition, it shows that gender and sexual orientation should be the last thing on peoples mind and more about giving a child a loving and caring home.

Kristi Martin, May 6th, 2010. Blog #1

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  1. Becca said, on May 11, 2010 at 4:56 am

    I think that it is really cool that this woman is doing this. When we read the book on marriage, it highlighted how some people were opposed to gay marriage because part of the purpose of marriage is reproduction. I always have found it frustrating that we don’t hold infertility against heterosexual couples, therefore making that argument very unfair. Also, many people try and try to start a family, but cannot because of laws where right next door, someone else might accidentally get pregnant and have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. I like what this woman is doing because since she is a woman, she can do what she wants with her body and she is using that ability to help others out. In general, not many people would be willing to go through something like that, but her courage is pretty cool to see. I hope that soon people can get past the gay fertility issue because as far as I am concerned it is not a fair argument.

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