I don’t care that it’s finals week — you MUST watch this!

Posted in Uncategorized by iTerp on May 13, 2010

Clearly I’m procrastinating and I think you should, too.

I know we all have a Gaga and Beyonce obsession and I thought you’d like to take a quick break. Take a look at this short video and let me know what you think. These little girls GO HARD!

Ridiculous? Are these girls too young? What do their parents say? What is BEYONCE saying?!


If I Were A Boy

Posted in Uncategorized by kaykay on May 6, 2010

Women are powerful. Women have a voice. We as women can be anything we strive to be…without the help of men of course. I chose to do my own rendition of Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” because the song itself invokes all these characteristics a woman can be. Kind of nervous to post this up, but I believe that I’m (hopefully) re-creating a powerful message through my own eyes. I don’t do nearly a good of a job telling a story like she does, but I’m no cinematographer, director, etc. Every single time I watch the video for the song I cry because she sends the most powerful message in a five minute music video. Beyonce raises the age old problem of the double standard. She questions, “If I were a boy…?” Would you, as a man, cry like I would? Would you, as a man, know how it feels to be heart broken like I would? I’m not saying that women don’t hurt men and that men don’t have feelings, but it is very realistic that it happens more so to women then men.

In relation to what we have learned in class, “If I Were a Boy” relates to the power of women. Are women allowed to be angry? There is still a movement today for women’s rights and we will always strive to be heard and treated equally. I believe that women in today’s entertainment are portrayed as strong and independent, but may be treated otherwise differently. Although women like our idols Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Madonna strive to create positive rolls and images for women, there is still an underlying truth to the treatment of women outside of the entertainment industry and into the lives of the everyday woman.

In dedication to Beyonce, I would like to end my creative blog post with Kurt from Glee’s rendition of Single Ladies! Enjoy!