AJ@ SF Pride ’08 (art)

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In 2008, my friend Sean and I made the pilgrimage to San Fransisco for the pride festival. Here are some pictures I took at the main parade.  I thought that it was especially interesting to note how the different race-based organizations expressed their queerness. I chose to show pictures of the parade because it is one of the ways that queer people use public space (but only on the day of the parade). I take a lot of amateur- candid photos, mostly of garbage, flowers, animals, and industrial plants. I feel like my DIY/ point-and-shoot aesthetic really worked for something like a parade where I do not have control over the subject/lighting. Photography critiques as well as queer/race comments welcome!

It was hard to pick my top favorite pictures- took a couple hundred! I hope you enjoy (sorry for the quality, it looked way better before i put it on youtube).

Note: this clip will be deleted on May 15, 2010. I apologize if you are trying to view it after that.


Creative Response Blog

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Sometimes I wonder what the culture of White is

It’s what I am, yet not what I know, in terms of speech, rhetoric, symbolism

But I do it, I live it, and take advantage of its luxuries

Sometimes I wonder what the culture of Heterosexual is

It’s how I work, it’s what I desire, yet not in terms of a clear cut identity

But I do it, I live it, and take advantage of its luxuries

Luke doesn’t have these luxuries

Being Gay in Greek life doesn’t exactly come with a silver platter of opportunity

Luke can walk the walk, and talk the talk of a Frat Guy

He can identify the culture, point out representations, rhetoric, symbols

But he doesn’t do it, live it, but he takes advantages of its luxuries

But they’re things he doesn’t want

Girls, one night stands with girls, shameless drunk sex with girls

How much does out environment define us, if we can’t define it?  And if we can define it, does it define us?

I wrote this piece of prose poetry in response to today’s discussion of Fun Home and the question of what aspects of White culture are portrayed throughout the graphic novel.  One of my teacher’s once told me that there is most definitely a white culture my freshman year in a literature class, and I’ve always sort of wondered how to define it.  I can define aspects of a “heterosexual culture” more easily than my race, and I wonder about how that is.  I think of Luke a lot in this class, because he is in a 99% white fraternity, and his is Gay.  He is also white, so he doesn’t meet at the intersections of our class, however he is sort of similar to the father in Fun Home because he is living in an environment that is so clearly not used to, or expecting of a Gay member.  His brothers know that he is Gay, and knew he was Gay before giving him a bid, so he does not receive any discrimination amongst his own chapter; however, he is known and labeled as “the Gay kid in that frat.”  On one hand, he fits in perfectly being a White kid from the wealthy suberbs of Baltimore, with the same car, private school education, and family values of this “White” culture, but on the other hand he does not fit in with the overwhelmingly patriarchal, macho, disgustingly girl hungry environment that is Greek life here.  This poem to me sort of represents the questions that go through my mind during each class discussion, and how being able to define who you are, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to live or fit in, whether it is your race or your sexuality.