Gay, Anti-Gay Politicians

Posted in Uncategorized by austone on May 8, 2010




As of recently, I have found myself greatly fascinated by the emerging number of anti-gay politicians and church leaders who have been discovered as having sexual relations with members of the same-sex. The Catholic Church is constantly being discussed in media, but there is a new highlighted form of homophobia in town, that of the closeted gay, anti-gay politician.  Usually, this is the man who votes down LGBT rights but enjoys gay sex behind closed doors. There have been many examples (Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, ext.) but this latest case involves CO-FOUNDER of the Christian-based anti-gay group, “Family Research Council.” His name is George Alan Rekers and he is a very interesting fellow. Other than writing books about how homosexuality can be cured and why same-sex couples should not be allowed to adopt children, he also makes his statements publicly known and adds to the fire of hatred and misunderstanding. He was recently photographed with a very young man who he met on “rentaboy.com” (NSFW). He argues that he needed this young twink to help him out with luggage (sure…). I generally respond to articles like these with annoyance, but as of recently I find the reveals of many of them to be quite humorous. In many ways, these cases are examples of internalized homophobia and society’s general attitudes toward homosexuality- the closet is viewed as “safe.” After so many reveals (and likely more to come), I can only conclude that sometimes the most homophobic people are the ones most struggling with their own sexualities.