We Deserve a Family too!!!!!

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I decided to write my final paper on gay parenting because it’s an issue that’s not discussed as much as other issues. We talked about gay marriage in class and even when a partner in a heterosexual marriage becomes gay but never really touched upon gay parenting.  Causing me to look further into investigating and researching about gay parenting. Gay Parenting is definitely way more common than it used to be. However, gay people still struggle to live their lives they way they choose in a heteronormative society. The issue is that heterosexuals feel that its wrong for gay people to raise children and fear that gay people aren’t fit parents. Although research does not indicate much difference between homosexual and heterosexual in parenting styles and concerns, gay and lesbian families are always facing the question of viability.

Those who are against same-sex couples adoptions and second adoptions try to frame the debate as protecting children or say it’s because of family values. Those who against same-sex couple adoptions or having a baby claim that allowing same-sex couples to adopt allows them to “experiment on children”. However if you look down at the pictures below these couples and their children look happy. Most studies that have been conducted on children raised by gay parents have found that they turn out no better or worse than children from traditional families according to several factors including friendships, self-esteem, behavior, academic achievements, and family relationships.

Look at these couples in these pictures they are happy and their families are beautiful. This the perfect family portrait two people who love each other and the love they have shines through to their child. Why do you heterosexuals think there’s something wrong with this picture? Get it over because homosexuals are here to stay and are not going to change their life to make you feel  better about yourself! According to the 2000 census, there were 163,879 households with children being raised by same-sex couples. That number is said to have climbed from between 1 and 9 million children.

So please keep your homophobia to yourself! Let gay people experience life just like everyone else because they deserve a family and the joy that comes with it too!


Not for the gays? Thank you for your honesty Rihanna. Seriously.

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This is kind of in response to my previous post about Pop Diva’s and the queer community…and yeah, sorry guys but I just really love Top 40.

For those who haven’t heard this song you probably will in the next couple of months because I think it’s going to be her next single.  She’s been filming the music video (which might have to lead to another debate depending on how it turns out).  This is another example of the Pop Diva and her involvement with the queer community.  HOWEVER, I don’t have much to debate here because she’s very honest in the song.  Instead I just appreciate the melody and her sincerity.  I would rather have you listen to the song instead of me explaining it.  It’s like a little story.  People take lyrics for granted in pop songs, or maybe just in music in general.  I like the idea that someone stepped outside of the box and was real about something.  It’s like a celebrity acknowledging their gay audience and embracing it, but still being true to themselves (instead of telling the world they’re “bi-curious”).  She isn’t afraid of alienating herself. I’m just kind of surprised Rihanna, of all people, was the one to do it.  I love her now.

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Connecting Art with Race and Queerness

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Color My Love

My love is colored

Brightly and proudly and broadly

My pale white skin

The color of acceptance

My feminine desire for her feminine grasp around my feminine waist

The color of rejection

Yet I still proclaim my colored love

Black Prince of my Kingdom

Obligated to color my love with a Queen

My only desire is for him to bow between me and I between he

The ruler of my body and the ruler of my throne

I’m a Prince in search of a King

My gayness does not color me weak

My color of strength and his love will further strengthen me

Throw me at the hands of death

I do not mind dying if I can die loving he

My love is colored

Not suppose to mix and match shades

Told to direct my love only the opposite way

But I want to mix and match shades

The Asian and the Black

The Hispanic and the White

I want to stroke the same shade over and over again

Women with Women

Men with Men

I colored my love

You don’t have to watch me paint

But don’t negatively judge my work

I’m proud of the art

This poem articulates how race-queer intersectionality can be cause a struggle when we try to mix the two in intimate relationships . In the LGBTQ community we want equality but we have to realize that we live in a state that denies those equalities to other citizens based on race, class, gender (identity), nationality, religious affiliation, or anything that allows our bodies and lives to be marked as  a sign of deviance.  Therefore if we want equality for the LGBT community we must realize and must continue to be connected with the liberation of all oppressed people especially racial discrimination. If we continue to separate them it will continue to be a struggle to blend race and queerness. It will continue to be conflicts with the idea of, “not only are you a gay couple but your interracial too.” This poem embodies the idea that love is love and that queerness and race have an interconnection that is intimate and people shouldn’t be judged for trying to blend the two together.  “I colored my love you don’t have to watch me paint, but don’t negatively judge my work I’m proud of the art.”

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