Look Over Here: Bullying

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I wanted to do my second post inspired by a classmates(shortstuff84) post about bullying. I wholeheartedly agree that we do not do enough about bullying. When I was in fifth grade, one of my best friends was called derogatory names like “faggot!” and “gay!” when we went to school together. Till this day, even though she is a heterosexual female, that experience stays with her. I think first, teasing is the problem. And of course, teasing because of your gender preference is also a problem.

But what I would like to note about this story is that it happened so young. My friend was in fifth grade. I feel like those kids who called her “Faggot” and “gay” didn’t even know what they meant! But she sure learned what it meant. I don’t even know why they would call her those terms when she didn’t even “act” homosexual or anything. I think that these terms are just like how we use the word “girl” to demean men. If we tell a man that he is “acting like a girl” then this is perceived as feminine, weak and petty. So this means women = feminine, weak and petty. I think that these terms like “Faggot,” “homo” “gay” sometimes have a negative sting to them. I think maybe we can change this by normalizing these words into our vocabulary much like the word “queer” has many different connotations to it now. I feel that I have learned a lot about the word “queer” and queer in relation to proximity over the course of this semester.

This post is about Iraqi Police who Killed a14-Year-Old Boy for Being Homosexual.

http://www.commondreams.org/headlines06/0505-06.htm. There are so many stories like this but what broke my heart about this story was that the boy was so young.


This story about an angry mob that yanked out the corpse of Madieye Diallo’s, spit on it and dumped it in front of his family’s home is even more disturbing. I think that harmless “teasing” is where acts like these originate from and it is important to teach tolerance at a young age. I cannot stress how important it is. I realized that these are extreme cases in other parts of the world but I am greatly troubled by these stories of hate. I really, really don’t understand how people can be so cruel… I think that we have to continue to not be silent to fight to protect all people regardless of race, culture, gender, sexuality, whatever.


Exploring Spaces

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Blog #3

This video is a first look into how people inhabit space, and how spaces become queer.  I am choosing to focus this (very early stage) choreographic exploration on women’s bathrooms after experiencing numerous instances where I have been asked to leave the women’s room after being presumed to be male.  For my partner this happens almost every time she uses a public restroom.

There are two sections to this video so far: outside the bathroom and inside.  Right now I am thinking about the outside bathroom experience as what it means to be female.  What kinds of body language or gestures satisfy enough requirements to pass in the bathroom?  How do I prepare myself for this confrontation with gender norms, and how do I (or how could I) change my behaviors so that I can avoid having my presence questioned.   Inside the bathroom I am looking at mundane activities and whether or not they are queer, or how they become queer via proximity.

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